6 Reasons Why You Should Watch Just The Way You Are Right Now
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Just The Way You Are is now in full swing, collecting a jaw-dropping P100M in ticket sales since launching! If you are one of those who have not watched this movie, here are 6 compelling reasons why you should do it this weekend! 1. Enrique Gil is there, and he’s butt naked. (okay, maybe not butt naked, just from the waist up then)unnamed (1)2. You get to see the goddess Liza Soberano…in those gorilla eyebrows and monster braces.tumblr_nq6didJH3t1rox8eno6_4003. The dialogue is whip-sharp, and even sometimes waxes on the philosophical. (who ever thought of equating the concept of love to gambling?) unnamed (2)unnamed (3)4. The story revolves around how fathers form a large part of our lives (for better or for worse), told just in time for Father’s Day.enrique dad 5. You get to see Liza punch Enrique in the face. (Yowza!)

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6. You are having an EXTREMELY bad case of the Forevermore Hangover Syndrome (yes, this actually exists and may manifest in the form of strong urges to go to a fictional strawberry farm in Baguio or an inclination to crack banal jokes) and is desperately looking for any excuse to see Xander and Agnes (este, Drake and Sophia) meet and fall in love again

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