Barbie Forteza, the talented young star who was recently nominated for the Gawad Urian Award gives us the chance to get up close and personal! Check out what this unstoppable rising star has to say about her favorite IG accounts, shoes, and life in general!


Comfit: If you are a shoe, what shoe will you be?

Barbie: I’d choose to be a pair of wedge shoes. It’s elegant, comfortable and it suits any outfit.

Comfit: What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow for fashion and life inspiration?

Barbie: For fashion, I follow @comfitshoe for their fresh shoe designs, @bnyjns for the latest teen apparel trends and @twiloph for their preppy dresses.

For my daily wisdom IG accounts, I’m following @thegoodquote and @bestsayingss :) Their quotes just hit me right.

Comfit: What is your favorite Comfit shoe style?

Barbie: I’m always after style and comfort, and shoes that I can wear all day. That’s why I super duper LOOOVE Comfit’s rubber-soled sandals!

Comfit: What are the things you learned from playing Diana in “The Half Sisters”?

Barbie: I’ve learned to always put my family first, no matter how complicated things are with them. I also learned not to depend on anyone all the time, that I should be responsible enough to handle things on my own.

Comfit: What items are on your shopping wish list right now?

Barbie: I honestly don’t have a shopping list but I desperately need a new set of speakers. My last one just stopped working for no apparent reason (LOL).

Comfit: Beauty items you can’t live without?

Barbie: Cheek blush and red lipstick. Just because I LOVE Taylor Swift so much!

Comfit: Where do you think you will be after 25 years?

Barbie: Still in showbiz, hopefully with more acting awards.

Check out Barbie Forteza’s #OOTD with Comfit Shoes:

Barbie Forteza in Comfit Tanaris Wedge
Barbie in Comfit Tanaris Wedge


Barbie Forteza OOTD in Tanaris Wedge
We are so glad Ms. Barbie Forteza loves wearing those Tanaris Wedges.

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With her recent nomination for the Gawad Urian, this star is definitely somebody to watch out for, as she is not just all looks but has a big dose of talent and the good old-fashioned humility as well.

We believe in you Barbie!