Rainy days are here but it shouldn’t stop us from being comfortable and stylish. Don’t let this rain to dampen your parade! Here are some carefully selected  shoes you can wear even during this wet season.

Closed Shoes

Closed shoes should be your number 1 choice during this typhoon season, for obvious and practical reasons! Be sure to choose shoes that hug your feet protectively, have rubber outsoles to prevent slippage, and of course, are comfortable!

1.) Conserve Loafers

Conserve Taupe Conserve Beige Comfit Conserve Black

These loafers use patent design and rubber insoles. These shoes don’t get easily wet and water won’t get in easily. They totally liven up any outfit as well.

2.) Cupid Ballet Flats

11-Cupid-Black 12-Cupid-Beige 18-Cupid-Champagne

These ballerinas can keep you looking cute and chic even if its already wet all-around. It is made of Comfit patented design with a rubber outsole that holds strong traction even during the wet season.

3.) Colbert Closed Wedges

29-Colbert-Black 32-Colbert-Beige

Who says you can’t wear wedges when it’s raining cats and dogs? The Colbert Closed Wedges can keep you standing tall even when the gutters are overflowing. You are sure your feet won’t get wet unless the flood is higher than 3 inches! The materials is made out of patented Comfit material so it can be cleaned easily.

4.) Yankee Loafers

Yankee Beige Comfit Yankee White Comfit Yankee Black

Look bad-ass this rainy season. Whip out your Yankee Loafers and kick some rainy butts. These loafers will make you look confident and will radiate intense desire from people who will see you wearing them this season.

5.) Chanting Comfort Shoes 

Chanting Beige Chanting Black Chanting Blue

Stay comfortable even while being on the go this wet season. These Chanting Comfort Shoes are water-resistant and has a unique rubber outsole. It’s designed to hug your feet and make sure you walk comfortably even when the weather is in shambles.

Open Shoes

If your destination or location is mostly indoors, and you are the type who typically enjoys letting your feet breathe, open shoes as a choice for footwear may be the way to go.

6.) Sentosa Flat Sandals


Feeling a bit adventurous? The Sentosa Flat Sandals may look like an unlikely footwear during this season but they fare well with the weather. The straps will make sure your feet do not slip off while you’re experiencing that rainy morning school or office rush.

7.) Ylang Flat Sandals

Ylang Pink Ylang White

These elegant Ylang Flat Sandals will keep you in style without compromising your safety while walking in the rain. They are very sturdy and the straps will keep them from slipping off. They can also be easily clean and dried.

8.) Yurian Flat Sandals

Yurian Beige Yurian Blue

Keep looking like a boss this season with the Yurian Flat Sandals. They are made out of patent leather and are equipped with very supportive straps. No matter how strong the rains may be, don’t let it dampen your fashion parade!

Well, we hope this comprehensive list helped you in your hunt for the best shoes to wear this rainy season!

Writers Note:

What is Patent Leather?: Characterized by a glass-like finish that catches the light, patent leather is typically solid black. Patent leather may also come in several colors such as neutral tan, white, black or even neon colors such as neon-green and hot-pink. In addition to the mirror-like finish, patent leather is also virtually waterproof, while still retaining a very flexible texture. – Source