In celebration of #throwbackthursday, let’s take a blast from the past by going back to our most favorite TV show (ever), Forevermore.

Remember when Comfit asked you what your favorite scene from Forevermore was on Twitter? We compiled all your answers and gave your reaction to those scenes too!

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1.) The Sungkitin-Ang-Bituin Scene.

Xander really is great at making surprises. He is willing to do a lot just to make Agnes smile!


2.) The Agnes-Xander Dance Scene during the Grande Christmas Party

Agnes is clueless about dancing but Xander leads the way and continually tells Agnes he loves her unconditionally, and that Agnes doesn’t have to return his feelings:scene2a scene2b

3.) The Use-Calculator-in-a-Sentence Scene

Who wouldn’t love this witty scene? Forevermore is really good at breaking our hearts with drama and then mending it together with humor!

Xander : Use calculator in a sentence.

Agnes : Use it.

Xander : Hey baby! I’ll calculator

Agnes : *laughs* malamok


4.) The Scene-Where-They-First-Sang-“Bakit Sabi Nila”

Agnes and Xander singing with the La Presa family: singing really brings people’s hearts together and this is a perfect example:


Look at that smile, and the look in their eyes!

5.) The Yung-Nagka-Alaman-Na Scene!

Ouch! This scene reveals that Jay and Agnes really had nothing going on and that Xander’s suspicions were unfounded.scene5

6.) The Scene Where Agnes Said Yes to Xander to be his Official Girlfriend

Agnes prepares a grand event supposedly to answer Xander’s courtship in a grand way but a series of unfortunate events happen. Despite this, the simple “yes” made Xander very happy!scene6

7.) The “Kubo” Scene

This is probably one of the most well-known scenes in the series, the ultimate climax where Agnes and Xander’s souls were left bare. And who could ever forget that “Kung Tayo” dialogue, where the two lovebirds ruminated on what could have been if they were together?scene7

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