As you all might already know, this coming Saturday, August 22, is a truly special day:

Liza Soberano will be visiting our Comfit store at SM Southmall!

So what exactly will happen during the event? We will break it all down for you in this blog post.



Date: Saturday, August 22

Place: Comfit store at the Lower Ground Floor, SM Southmall, Las Pinas City

Time: 12 noon – 3 pm



The first 100 customers to purchase Comfit shoes on SM Southmall on August 22,2015 will be able to take a photo with Liza, and receive an autographed postcard from Liza.

  1. Customers may purchase shoes in the Comfit store at SM Southmall starting 10 a.m. or when the mall opens
  2. Customers may purchase sale items or regular items, as long as they purchase (at least) 1 pair of shoes
  3. Upon purchasing, customers will be provided with a stub with a number printed on it. This will determine who goes first in the line for Liza’s autograph and photo session
  4. At 12 noon, customers who have purchased will be asked to form a line outside the store based on their stub number
  5. Between 1pm-3pm, Liza will autograph postcards (to be given to the customer by the Comfit staff) and take photos with the customer.
  6. *Take note that due to the limited time allotment for the photo session, customers MAY be required to take photos with Liza in groups instead of solo.*

*Photos with Liza should be taken using the customer’s own mobile phone. A Comfit staff may assist the customer by borrowing the customer’s phone and taking the photo of the customer and Liza.

*In order to receive a printed copy of the photo with Liza, the customer is required to upload the photo in Instagram, and use the hashtag #walkcomfitwithliza

*When the customer uploads the photo with the hashtag #walkcomfitwithliza, the photobooth will automatically detect this and print out the photo.



As you might have guessed in the yellow box above, our special photobooth allows for UNLIMITED printouts, just as long as you upload ANY photo of the event in Instagram and use the hashtag, #walkcomfitwithliza

Take a photo of your friends, of the store, or a selfie, upload in IG with the hashtag, and poof! Claim your printed photo.

Here’s another bonus: for faster uploading, we are giving away the super-secret password to our WIFI in the store for free! Just ask the store staff.



Guess what? You do not even need to purchase a pair of Comfit shoes to take a photo with Liza, as we are giving away 1 free slot (slot number 49) to a lucky winner! This is how you join the giveaway:

Write your EMAIL  + TAG A FRIEND in the comment section of our Instagram post to get a chance to take a photo with Liza FOR FREE! (only 1 winner)

Be sure to use the hashtag, #walkcomfitwithliza



See you all there!M&G Liza Soberano Poster Southmall-lowres